The Different Types of Digital Prints

Posted By on Sep 17, 2015 |

How difficult would it be to live in a world could be without the existence of digital printing? We may see this in everything we do, in every place we go, yet there are things that we still don’t know yet about digital printing and how important is this in our society, not just that, the following will give you the different types of digital prints that will give you needed information if ever you are in need of the said service.


When you say digital printing, this is any printing works that are using electronic files to produce outputs. In order to produce these printed outputs, there are two different types of equipment being used and these are the DI, also known as the direct imaging, and the so called digital color printer.

Talking about the different types of the digital printing, these are the following:

On Demand- also known as the POD or print on demand. This type of digital printing allows clients to demand for the service to be done, for example, there will be no books printed if ever there is no client demanding for the service. This type of digital printing developed right after the birth of digital printing and can be used to make vinyl wall stickers.

Variable Data- this type of printing has another name that is the variable information type of printing and this includes on demand printing with elements consisting of images, texts and graphics that are possible to be changed from one piece to another, then the good thing about this is there is no longer need for you to stop the printing process through the use of either an external file or a database. Setting for example is a personalized letter sets which have the uniform layout and are capable of printing with different texts and contents such as names, address and any other personal details needed.


Web to print- This one will give much benefit to the businesses that use websites. This is an essential type of printing most especially with the online marketing and any other media related types of business. The internet has opened a lot of opportunities for all the printing businesses where they will all capable of communicating about things to their customers with printing needs such as submitting printing jobs, designing postcards, online product and press reviews and all of the things that are related to media and internet that are needed to be printed.

This type of printing service is made available for the public that are in use of the World Wide Web. This made things so easy and even free of any charges, you may use any texts, images and graphics on the internet for you to print as long as these are subjected for reuse, just don’t forget to know if a certain file is in need for you to comply for permission before printing for you not to be sued due to copyright laws.

These are the different types of digital prints you must know.