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Retro sunglasses were in style decades ago but after going out of style for some time, they have returned. There are of course some differences but there are also many similarities. These retro sunglasses are oversized and cover a greater area of the face that sunglasses would normally cover. They are made from thicker plastic then they were years ago so they last a longer period of time even if being worn every day. One of the good things about these retro designs is that even though the oversized styles tend to look somewhat clumsy before one gets used to the look, they can suit almost any shape or size face and can go with any kind of clothing even with your customized t shirt. There are many designs including the square shapes, the punk frames and so many more.

The colors that are in style for 2011 include a great variety suitable to many different tastes. Some are the more psychedelic colors while others are more conservative. The lenses range from the light grays to the darker browns and even black although the most popular ones have the lighter tints. In fact, a person can see the other’s eyes through these lenses. They are not meant for the eyes to be completely hidden and don’t hide the sun from the eyes as much as others do but they don’t absolutely reveal them either.

These sunglasses are often considered to be unisex so that both men and women can wear them. They are available in different sizes to accommodate the difference in sizes between men and women but often times, the styles are very similar if not the same. Here are some recommended picks:

Tom Ford Trendy Sunglasses for Men 2011

Have you always wanted to feel or look as suave as James Bond? Well, now you can thanks to the Tom Ford sunglass manufacturers and their James Bond sunglasses.

Tom Ford James Bond Aviator Sunglasses

To describe the sunglasses, they are made in Italy. It is not said if they are handcrafted or not, but are definitely not your regular every day, pulled ‘em out of a dollar store clearance box sunglasses. These are limited edition sunglasses and you may have trouble finding them since the company has discontinued them—but that does not mean that you cannot find them somewhere online.

Second, they come in several colors. You have gunmetal, gold, shiny rhodium, and semi-black rhodium. The lenses are also different colors, including blue, gold, roviex (a kind of light grey color) and silver. This gives everyone a bit of a choice as to what color that you would like.

They also have leather tips, which keeps both the tips from being scratched and you from getting scratched if you find yourself needing to put them on in a pinch. The leather stays the same color.

These glasses aren’t all that cheap, which is to be expected. However, since they are discontinued, it can also be a bit difficult to decide whether they’re worth the search for a pair.

You can see these glasses featured in the Quantum of Solace James Bond movie, worn by Daniel Craig. You may be able to find these glasses online, depending on where you look. It is advised that you only shop local, as you will want to see and confirm that the glasses are genuine before purchasing.